"I believe that, sartorially, Americans don’t have a cultural identity of their own. The Bilalian is designed for men who, through their clothing, wish to show our uniqueness as a blend of East-West cultures."

Shahid Abdullah, CEO and founder of The New Breed Generation Inc., is the designer of The Bilalian, a line of suits, shirts and ensembles that represents a new generation of men's fashions. He designs for his company, which is located in Roselle, NJ, in conjunction with Graceline Fashions, Business Tie Clothiers and CPC/ComTrust LLC, headquartered in Chicago. Abdullah's leading-edge fashions, which fit into nearly any environment including the boardroom, have been earning high marks from customers who are seeking respite from traditional Western styles, youth-oriented hip-hop fashions and typical urban street-wear. His unconventional design, featuring a signature center pocket that characterizes the universal oneness of humanity, is the first revolution for men's fashion in decades. 

The Bilalian line debuted in Atlanta in 2004 to wide acclaim at the 9th Annual World Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Convention. Other recent shows include the 12th Annual ICPIC Festival in Chicago, the Third Annual Philadelphia Festival, The Annual Newark, NJ, Juneteenth Celebration, and The Mosque Cares Annual Convention in Chicago. Abdullah was selected as a finalist in the New Day Associates 18th Annual Designer of the Year Contest.

Abdullah, who has degrees in sociology and art, began his career as a fashion designer in 1968, but put his artistic aspirations on hold to become a financial planner. He gradually returned to his designing and, by the fall of 1998, had perfected the concept and look of his Bilalian styles for men. Presently, he is a consultant to Chicago-based Graceline Fashions, Business Tie Clothiers and CPC/ComTrust LLC.

The outspoken designer regularly addresses audiences on economic renaissance, fiscal responsibility and stability of the family in the African-American community. His thoughts on building personal success may be found in his new book, Success Is Automatic, now available online and by mail order. "Success begins with the individual's belief in his or her right to be successful and that the Creator gives each of us the means to succeed," says Abdullah. "That belief, plus other factors, such as determination, preparation and a positive attitude, will automatically lead to success." 

Abdullah, who resides in East Orange, NJ, is the father of four adults, Ahmed, Jamillah, Fatimah and Rabih Abdullah. He has one granddaughter, Khadijah Barr.